High Voltage Martial Arts Team Nairobi


Self-defence may mean actions taken to defend oneself from whatever harm whether directed towards your own health or well-being .

There is a team in town called High voltage martial arts, founded by Dismas Agutu aka Dissy and Dickson Nyaga aka Nyash, proteges of Tong Il Moo Do, they have years of experience and exposure in the art, and also black belt degree holders who aspire to reach the grandmaster level in the same art.


HighVoltage Team instructors Dissy and Nyash getting ready to depart for Thailand



Nyash with one knee raised, Dissy far left in bowed position…


With years of experience in other different arts like, taekwondo, kickboxing, judo, muay thai, and boxing, the two came up with the idea of giving back the art through teaching.


HighVoltage instructors Dissy and Nyash practicing Judo ground work techniques in Thailand


Since inception in 2015, the team has a strong membership of about 25 team players, and others are rapidly joining in. The team has open or outdoor sessions every Saturday morning for three hours. The session begins with a 10lap jogging session, that leaves participant gasping for breath. What follows is an intense 30min cardio sessions, thereafter the participants are led into Tong Il Moo Do session that starts with:

  • basic punches and kicks.
  •  self-defence techniques.
  • one-step spurring.
  • actual spurring.
  • and ends with Tong Il Moo Do forms(popularly known as kata).

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Dissy and Nyash have also had the opportunity to represent the country twice, first in 2014 March, Thailand and in February 2016 Korea.

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The two instructors Nyash and Dissy exude a philosophy of universal values taught by the art of Tong il Moo Do. Values like humility, integrity, love, and determination.

Anyone and everyone is free to become a member of the High Voltage Team. Where a lot will be taught.

For more information on HighVoltage Team Nairobi drop a comment below or contact 0771810929 or 0732340632. Also, click here to visit our youtube channel.



5 Best Apps to Install Before Travelling

Imagine a world made better by technology. Now, not so long ago, this was not the case, we relied on printed maps to find places. Today that has transformed, phone apps have made it so easy for travellers all over the world to remain aware of their destined destinations anywhere in the world.

Let us look at a few great travel apps to install before travelling.


Jovago- Checking rates, reviews and booking a hotel out of over 200k hotels can be daunting. Jovago has made it simpler for you with this app.


TripAdvisor- For real and honest hotel reviews from customers who have used a hotel facility, TripAdvisor is an app that will tell you what to expect in certain hotels, I have used this app to sought of prepare myself about what to expect before check in into a hotel.


GeoTracker- This app helps you get back to where you are from when you are lost.It helps you mark important and cool places of your trip. You are also able to use some elses route and or even share the same route with friends.


FriendLocator-  You are out on a trip with a friend or family member, then he or she vanishes, it is in a place you are not too familiar with. FriendLocator is the app for; it will help you locate them for you, easily.


WorldPhone- WorldPhone will help you stay in touch with friends and family, via reliable voice calls.This also helps save money.

That’s it with travel apps, feel free to suggest more travel apps on the comment section anytime. Travel well!







8 Thing you Need to Know Before Travelling

Businesswoman travelling isolated on white

When travelling, a lot is bound to go wrong, for instance, cancellations of flights or loss of luggage. This, and many other things may make travelling a challenge and you might end up not enjoying your time while travelling.

To assure a smooth and easy trip, you should be aware of the following.

  1. Check and confirm that your hotel booking has been done appropriately, and your room reservation is made before you travel.
  2. Confirm that your transfer from the airport to the hotel has been taken care of a day before your trip. You can call the hotel directly to find out, or get in touch with your travel agent.
  3. Upon booking of your flight, try to read and understand the policies, rules and regulations of the airline company. This will help you know more about checked and hand-carry travel bags
  4. Talking of luggage, most of them resemble, it will be a great idea to tag yours with a coloured ribbon to help you identify it fast.
  5. Cancellation or delaying of flight will not end today, therefore, always have a fallback plan. Also to avoid this, counter check and confirm ticket 72 hours before your anticipated trip.
  6. While cabin crew handles a lot of luggage professionally, the possibility of yours not being mishandled is small. Hence, it will be a wise thing to choose a strong, sturdy travel bag.
  7. Arm yourself with a medical pack, and repellants, just in case you arrive into a country that is experiencing an outbreak of certain ailments like malaria (mostly caused by mosquitos).
  8. Try and learn how locals of the country you intend to travel to say hello, welcome and thank you in their language. Feel free to learn even more words.

There can be so much to learn, understand and do before your trip. Feel free to share more with us on the comment section. Travel Well!

7 Ways to Make Money while Travelling


I have worked in the hospitality industry for a few years now. Once, a guest staying at the hotel where I worked asked,

“How do I make money while enjoying my visit here?”

I was short of answers, in fact, to speak the truth I totally had no idea. Although chances of me being asked the same question again are small, I decided to dig in for myself,to find out, just in case I get asked one more time.

7 Ways to make money while travelling

  1. Blogging This one is not simple, but it has been proven, all you need is some skill set to help make your blog rank high on search engines. Ranking high on search engines drives traffic to your site. It is this traffic that you want to tap into to earn money passively even when on vacation.
  2. Storytelling– A friend of mine made some money storytelling in schools and while visiting his sister in the UK.
  3. Freelancing– What are you great at? Is it writing, web-designing, research, teaching. Whatever your answer may be, you can find jobs to do even when on holiday. All you require is to sign up on sites that outsource work to freelancers like freelancer.com or upwork.com
  4. MLM or direct marketing- This is a model of moving goods or services in an unconventional way. Basically, what happens is you partner with the company that uses this model by signing up, then by doing all the work done by the middlemen in a normal business set up, the company recognizes your effort and rewards you. You, however, earn money passively when you have built a team that does the same thing you do. An example is GNLD
  5. ebook- Write an ebook about something you are good at, like cooking, and share it with people, of course for a small fee.
  6. Become an English teacher- With websites like TEFL and ESL you can get work as an English tutor and make money while traveling.
  7. Instructor- Are you a chess player, guitarist, swimmer, fitness instructor or a yogi. Your skills are in demand everywhere, advertise yourself and see how it goes.

Making money anywhere is possible, just observe keenly, and you will find demand for what you have to offer. Feel free to drop in more ideas in the comment section.

9 Best Uses of Aloe Vera


We have all heard about the medicinal values of Aloe Vera plant. It has a supernatural way of healing and rejuvenating most conditions and ailments.

The plant has been tended by man for years. Aloe Vera is a luscious, tender plant, with small pointed thorns around the edges of the leaf. The plant has plenty of value, from being used by hunters to hide body smell while hunting, to simply applying its juices on the burnt skin area.

9 best uses of Aloe Vera

  1. Use the sap from the plant to apply on a burn, sunburn or wound. It has a very mollifying and healing effect too.
  2. If you have had any skin itching condition, Aloe Vera is your solution. Effects of skin condition such as psoriasis or eczema can be very daunting. Applying the gel can decrease the harshness of these conditions.
  3. Aloe Vera has been refined for safe consumption, for instance, you will find it infused in herbal teas.An investigation proved that Aloe Vera has been used to reduce blood glucose of people with diabetes.
  4. Ingestion of the Aloe Vera juice also helps a lot of digestive problems such ulcers, irritable bowels, heart burns, by calming, reconstructing and preserving through the balancing of the stomach acids.
  5. Inhaling the vapor of boiled Aloe Vera leaves, helps one breathe well during asthma attacks.
  6. Aloe Vera juice acts as a tonic that increases immunity and combat ailments.
  7. It is great in burning cholesterol, which is helpful in preventing cardiovascular diseases and attacks like stroke.
  8. Promotes quick recovery from cuts, burns and scrapes.
  9. Great as a detoxification agent, because of it blood purification elements.

Well, growing Aloe Vera would be like having a reachable personal doctor every day, any day. Share with us your Aloe Vera experience on the comment section. Good Luck!


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Francesco Guidolin, Swansea manager, was taken ill with chest infection prior to Arsenal meeting Swansea at the Emirates. Their side was weakened by a lot of changes. Perhaps this should have been a sign (of good omen) for the gunners to get their act right, after loosing the match against United last Sunday.

With the thought of this ‘fortune’ in mind, Arsenal looked like they had it all under control, after a first half Joel Campbell fantastic strike.

Arsenal fans seem very frustrated, us to why suddenly, Wenger’s boys have become so sloppy of late. They appeared nervous whenever they had the ball, the passing was excruciatingly slow, blew all the chances they had to stay ahead, the self belief they’ve had a few weeks ago is slowly fading away.

The goal before half time was as a result of continuous midfield blunders. And was again caught pants down by an Ashley Williams goal that eluded Petr Cech on the 74th minute. We may have hit the wood work a couple of times, and at some point shouted for a penalty, but we honestly weren’t good enough.

Remembering how Arsenal played against a team considered an academy team at the Old Trafford. The tweets below clearly prove how Arsenal fans are a frustrated lot right now and expect action right away. hence the hashtag #WengerOut.

Processed with VSCO with b5 presetProcessed with VSCO with b5 preset

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We are placed 3rd, 6 points off the top. We have 10 matches left to go, if we win Saturday against Spurs, we tie on 2nd place. A long way to go but do we #WengerOut now or do we stand by him and the team?




Early Lessons

He noticed at an early age that capitalism made the world go round. Tom (not his real name) would wake up early Saturday mornings, about 6am to be precise, collect any garbage around the house and fill up the bin and off he goes.

There used to be a dump site 6km away from home, he would rush, empty the bin and slowly walk back home collecting wasted pieces of wood. To him, this was merchandise. He would pick and fill the bin to its brim with pieces of wasted wood. Thirty minutes later, he would be done sourcing for his day’s merchandise. He would meticulously and very cautiously hide them under a dark staircase that led to their 5th floor rented house.

Tom was the first born in a family of seven. Three boys and four girls. Getting back home after his secret exploration for goods, he would find them still sound asleep. Being the first born, a sense of duty always pricked him. He would quickly wake them up and one by one everyone would be directed on what house chores to take care of.

“Jeff, today you clean the floor”. He would order in a stern voice

“Mary, you take care of breakfast and I will take care of the rest”. He would say, his hands resting on his hips akimbo (like a boss)

Mum and dad slept in a different room. Single room. That also doubled up as a kitchen. They would later wake up at around 10am to find everything in order and breakfast ready. Imagine the look on their faces! Yes, that of proud parents.

But Tom was not born a responsible boy, he learnt responsibility. For a long time Tom never had siblings, until when he was about seven. His parent wanted more kids only when they were stable enough. Financially. That meant that Tom came about in the wrong time, but since he was already here, he had to go through the experience of every struggle his parents went through. He spent certain nights on an empty stomach; he wore tattered clothes and missed his early classes for lack of school fee. His father was never home early, and when he was, it was always work work work.

Mum too always told Tom that nothing came easy. That to earn yourself a place, you had to solve a problem for someone, and with time it would start paying.

Now, a little backtracking. At about 4pm, women would start pouring along the streets of Mathare, with their sufurias and jikos ready to prepare either deep fried fish or fries, or even an afternoon mandazi. Two to three women were always in need of firewood and that’s when Tom came in. To solve a problem.

On a good day, he would make a cool ksh 70 cash. In 1994, that was something, it would feed a family of 5 for a day contentedly. How times have changed these days. That is not even sufficient for a good day’s lunch today. Anyway, Tom would save half of it and spend the rest to buy himself valuables like a pair of shoe, pants, a nice shirt and a good lady bird book. Jack and the beanstalk.

The rest of it would go into his mkebe (tin) bank. It would be saved that way for as long as possible, with only one purpose in mind. To catch a KBS bus to the central business district and to Uhuru park, today called Central park, on Christmas day, with his peers. And blow it all up on face-painting, boat-sailing, merry-go-rounds, enjoy some really delicious ice cream, take pictures and later on catch a bus back home. Those were thee days.

Today Tom’s financial priorities may have changed from saving to have a good time over Christmas, to saving for a home in 10 years to come, but those early lessons of earning and saving money have formed the basis of how he deals with money today.

Besides that, another lesson he has learnt that still serves to direct him is, service. Serve others, solve a problem and get paid doing it. Perhaps not the right definition for being a capitalist, but it is capitalism.